Criminal Defense

Why You Should Fight A Misdemeanor

Certain stressors in life can cause us to act in a way that is not our normal behavior. Loss of a job or a loved one, addiction issues or mental health lapses can all cause us to behave irrationally at times. This is why it’s important to tell your story when it comes to misdemeanor charges. Often, when the full picture is seen the pieces come together.

I am Arizona criminal defense attorney William Parven. As the principal attorney at Law Office of William J. Parven, PLLC, I offer aggressive and dedicated criminal defense services. Misdemeanors can seem like no big deal at first, but they can come back to haunt you again and again. This is especially true with drug possession and related charges and domestic assault issues. Always seek to get charges reduced or dismissed. I can help if you have been charged with:

The Juvenile System Is Different

If you are a college student, under 17, or have a child who is a teen who gets into trouble, it’s important to understand the juvenile detention process and what is at stake. The goal of the Arizona juvenile system is to help the juvenile. We want to ensure that you and your child understand what happened and what steps need to be taken to make things right. You also need to understand the ramifications of a second offense and when it may be advisable to make a change in habits, friends or lifestyle.

Who comes in contact with your child (such as police offices, prosecutors, social workers and judges) and the indications they get about the child can affect the outcome of your case. In juvenile cases there is  much broader discretion given to the court as to sentencing, including alternatives such as community service. I will work with you to find viable alternatives to detention and help you successfully navigate the Arizona juvenile court system. If you are a college student there may also be alternatives available to you.

Get The Attention And Skill Your Case Deserves

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