Domestic Violence Charges

The Impact Of A Domestic Violence Charge

In domestic abuse cases the conflict is not always clear-cut. In Arizona a person can be charged with domestic violence for yelling at a partner, honking a car horn, or throwing or breaking things while in the same house. A person could also be acting in self-defense or there can be conflicting stories as to the nature of the argument, emotions and intensity of the interaction.

Every relationship has its own dynamic. Especially in breakups or divorce cases, there can be unseen motivations and history that are part of the story and need to be told. If you believe you have been falsely accused and are facing false domestic violence charges or false accusations of domestic violence it is in your best interest to speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney right away.

Proactively Deal With A Restraining Order

You should always seek to defend yourself against a restraining order. There are several reasons why this is important, including;

  • Restraining orders will show up on background checks for years.
  • Employers and landlords who use background checks may find you ineligible for housing or employment.
  • If you violate a criminal protection order you are at risk for jail time.

I am attorney William Parven, founder and principal attorney at Law Office of William J. Parven, PLLC. For over a decade I have helped those accused of domestic violence and related charges tell their whole story. When I take your case I will immediately begin an aggressive defense. I will investigate your accuser’s claims and talk to witnesses who may have seen or heard things that are different from what your accuser says happened. I will also tell the whole story of your relationship, including incidents where the accuser initiated a verbal or physical attack. I will examine all of the evidence against you. I will have any faulty or weak or illegally obtained evidence thrown out. In short, I will explore every available and viable defense on your behalf.

Protect Your Reputation And Future

Getting immediate counsel is of the utmost importance. Do not wait to talk to an experienced and skilled attorney if you have a restraining order or domestic violence charge. Call me, attorney William Parven, at 520-600-3379 or send me a contact email with a brief description of what happened.