Why You Need A DUI Lawyer

Why You Need A Tucson DUI Lawyer

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At the Law Office of William J. Parven, PLLC, you will have an attorney who is working with you from start to finish.

When one hires a firm, they sometimes never hear from the attorney they originally spoke with again because that attorney is only in charge of intake.

Other times the person may not even have the opportunity to speak with their attorney about their individual case before making a payment.

Instead, their consultation might be referred to a case manager following a script, who may or may not be an attorney. This can sometimes cause confusion with expectations, desired outcomes, probability of success, or the need to continuously repeat information or provide documents.

What To Expect

With my office, from that very first phone call and initial consultation to the very end, you will have the same attorney.

Your case will be personalized based on your individual circumstances, and you will know whether or not my representation is in your best interest before making any payments.

Furthermore, with my office, you will be given the attorney’s direct contact information. This will enable you to get through faster, and ensure your attorney knows your concern, without worrying whether someone passed on the message or not.

Why A Good DUI Lawyer Matters

DUI charges are largely based on an officer’s initial investigation following protocols issued by the National Highway Traffic Highway Safety Administration.

Generally, officers are trained in a three-day course that covers field sobriety testing and signs of impairment.

However, I took it upon myself to also take this three-day course to gain a better understanding of the evidence, which will be presented against my clients. The officer may be using the NHTSA manuals and procedures to allege you were impaired, but I will be using them to show why you were not.

With an understanding of DUI investigations and the NHTSA manuals, I will assist you in poking holes in the investigation. You may have facts that suggest you were not impaired according to the manuals.

Additionally, with my knowledge of the manuals, I can point out the areas where the officer might have done his investigation improperly or contrary to procedure.

Get Your Free Consultation

In every case, you will receive a free consultation to go over your situation, possible defenses and outcomes, and an understanding of what I can do for you, before making any determinations of whether you want to proceed with my representation.

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