Understanding the law around DUI

Understanding the law around DUI

| Oct 8, 2020 | Uncategorized

Drinking doesn’t mix with driving. Everyone in Arizona knows that. Unfortunately, it’s still a common crime. Many people in Arizona are picked up for DUI or related charges like aggravated driving. Anyone who’s charged with driving under the influence needs to know how to protect their interests and fight the charges effectively. A DUI can be a life-changing conviction in many ways.

The consequences of DUI in Arizona

When someone is convicted of driving under the influence in Arizona, it can have serious repercussions on their ability to get around. For a first offense, a driver can face stiff penalties including a license suspension. And with subsequent infractions, the penalties become even more steep. For drivers who incur three or more of these convictions during a seven-year period, things escalate quickly. Licenses can be revoked entirely, and fines are added on.

There are even restrictions on sentencing for drivers who’ve been stopped for driving under the influence. For example, people with multiple DUI convictions are not eligible for suspended sentences, probation or even pardons until they’ve served several months of their custodial sentences. The state of Arizona’s legislature has taken away most of the discretion judges used to have for sentencing. There’s a strong feeling that convicted DUI drivers need to be put away to protect the public.

That’s why anyone charged with offenses like DUI or aggravated driving in Arizona needs to retain an experience criminal law attorney. A good lawyer will provide a zealous defense for their client and help them get the best deal possible. A strong DUI defense demands a thorough understanding of the law and of police procedure.