The various types of domestic abuse

The various types of domestic abuse

| Sep 14, 2020 | Uncategorized

When Arizona residents hear “domestic violence,” they likely picture a physical assault that results in visible injuries to the victim. However, physical assault only represents one type of domestic abuse.

An individual faced with presenting a domestic violence defense might stand accused of several forms of domestic abuse. Each of these categories of abuse is serious and can bring a great deal of harm to the person suffering from abuse.

Controlling behavior is a common type of domestic abuse and is an effort by the abuser to assert and maintain dominance over their victim. Many experts on the subject say the belief that controlling behavior is justifiable is the root cause of domestic abuse. Controlling behavior is often subtle and can include actions like checking the mileage on a car after use by a partner, monitoring phone calls or trying to dictate the dress or hairstyle of a partner.

Emotional abuse is behavior that takes advantage of the insecurity or vulnerability experienced by another person. This behavior can take the form of intimidation, constant degradation, brainwashing or manipulation.

Another type of abuse that can be just as or more damaging than physical abuse happens verbally. Verbal abuse is the use of threats, blame or coercion to denigrate or embarrass the abuse victim. This abuse can include threats of harm to the person, children, a pet or the property of the victim. Verbal abuse can also include name-calling, insulting or refusing to talk to the abuse victim. Other types of abusive behavior include stalking, economic abuse, isolation and the use of male privilege.

The legal and social ramifications of a domestic abuse allegation can bring serious consequences to the life of the accused. Individuals facing a domestic abuse allegation will likely want to clear their names of these charges as completely as possible. This goal may be easier to achieve with the help of a criminal defense attorney.