What forms does domestic violence take?

What forms does domestic violence take?

| Jul 28, 2020 | Uncategorized

Domestic violence represents a significant safety risk to abused partners. In Arizona, some people in relationships find themselves suffering abuse. The abuse can take many forms, such as physical, emotional or sexual. Violent relationships create signs and patterns that a partner should not ignore.

Each case is different, but consistent patterns may appear among a myriad of domestic violence situations. Sometimes, violence starts with verbal abuse and insults. Over time, it can escalate to physical abuse. The escalation might not even be gradual as it could occur right away and without warning.

Domestic violence often centers on one person’s desire to dominate or control another. Hence, the abuser may attempt to socially isolate a partner or consistently threaten the partner with violence.

Domestic abusers may also have a substance abuse problem. While under the influence of alcohol or drugs, the partner might become violent.

Abusers can play the proverbial “blame game” by attempting to make the victim feel that he or she is responsible for the abuse. The abuser might also create a facade appearance to others, which could lead others not to believe that he or she has the propensity to be abusive.

In some situations, a partner could make false claims of abuse against another. Doing so might be out of a desire for revenge, a favorable divorce case or the result of emotional instability.

Anyone facing charges for domestic violence may find it valuable to retain a criminal defense attorney. When charges are false, an attorney might be able to present evidence to undermine those charges.

Persons facing convictions for domestic abuse could face severe penalties. An attorney may petition the court during sentencing or, possibly, request entry into a diversion program. During the initial meeting with a client, an attorney may mention likely defense approaches based on the charges and evidence.