Defending Your Rights 

Aggressively And With A Personal Touch

 If you have been accused of DUI or any other crime, your future is at stake. I’m here to defend it.

Experienced Criminal Defense Representation In Tucson


Fighting Criminal Charges

No matter what you’ve been charged with – DUI, drug crime, domestic violence or any other crime – it is important to recognize that a conviction will change your life. Even if you consider the charge minor, such as a first-time drunk driving charge, you still risk driver’s license loss, massive fines and possibly time behind bars. Know that criminal charges can be fought. There are almost always options, if you have a lawyer on your side with the skill to find them.

I have spent more than a decade defending people against criminal allegations. This is what I do exclusively. I know how the system works. I have taken the same courses that police have taken for drunk driving stops. I am a member of the American Association of Premier DUI attorneys. At the Law Office of William J. Parven in Tucson, I represent people statewide. You can be confident in my ability to get you through this.

What Is The Best Possible Outcome?

 This question is not always as clear cut as it may seem. Yes, you want to get through this with as little damage to your reputation, your future and your freedom as possible. However, there may be many solutions presented along the way.

The benefit of having an experienced criminal defense lawyer on your side is that I will be able to carefully assess these solutions and help you pick the one that is truly best for you. In some cases, it might be a diversion program. However, diversion programs can be time-consuming and costly, and ultimately require admitting guilt, so they should not be accepted lightly. In some cases, it might make sense to battle at trial in pursuit of exoneration. I will keep you involved and informed in all these decisions.

You Can Do This

Being charged with a crime is overwhelming. But you can do this, and I’m here to help. I’ll be there right beside you to prevent these accusations from destroying your life. Whether that means getting the optimal result through negotiation or fighting it through all the way to trial, I’ll be with you for the long haul. All you have to do is call. Let’s get you through this. 520-600-3379 or email me, if you prefer.

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